Where do the innkeepers go on a rare day off?

Posted by admin on July 19, 2013

chimney rock park view

The simple answer in two words is Chimney Rock, a beautiful forty minute drive from the Inn.  I always tell guests that this is outdoor North Carolina at its best.  The shortest way to the top of the chimney is to take the twenty-six story elevator almost to the top.  But if you’re really energetic, there are stairs all the way up. Once out of the elevator, there are several steps to climb to get to the summit.  If you choose not to use the stairs, the vistas are still great.

Barbara and Tom

It’s breezy at the top and on clear days the views are amazing.  You see Lake Lure from up there which I will discuss at another time.

Food is available on a limited basis.  You may want to have a sandwich, salad, drink or dessert, or wait until you get back down to the town of Chimney Rock which has several restaurants.  There are also a number of picnic tables should you want to bring a lunch.

There are walking trails with maps that explain how long the trail is, the approximate time it takes to complete it and the level of difficulty is listed for each trail.

So spend a few hours or the day enjoying outdoor North Carolina.

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