Traveller’s Day at the Spa

Posted by admin on May 24, 2013

About once every four  weeks our Golden Retriever needs a trip to the doggie day spa. He’s quite blonde and is a typical boy in the respect  that he never stays clean for long. He currently goes to Dog Gone Gorgeous in Asheville, NC,  where he graces them with his presence and his personal groomer,  Marilynn  is getting to know him.

Being a rescue dog we’re not always sure what will trigger unpleasant memories from his past life.  When Bob took him inside another large dog stood on his hind legs and loomed over the counter.  He was just being friendly but Traveller was ready to have a go at him with Bob holding him back with both hands.

Traveller was having none of that stuff but after sniffing and carrying on they became friends.  Traveller got his bubble bath, blow dry, hair and nail trim and then the biggest indignity of all, his teeth brushed.  He is gorgeous if you can catch him the first hour after he returns home.  After that, it’s back to being a boy.

He spent pre and post time at the spa  on the other side of the counter greeting all dogs and people arriving at the groomer.  As with all things Asheville, he practiced the social butterfly thing until Bob brought him home.  Upon arrival here, he was so exhausted,  he slept the rest of the day barely waking up for supper.

The photo attached is when he just got home.  He says next time he wants more hair conditioner put on him because he thinks this one makes him look too fat. He does not want to look frizzy for his Asheville bed and breakfast followers.

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