Traveller has arrived at his Asheville NC bed and breakfast Inn.

Posted by admin on June 8, 2010


What kind of a name is Spud for a dog? He was white but unless he was caught in the potato bin, I couldn’t figure out the name. Nor did we like it. So after leaving Knoxville and spending five days with Civil War people, we left with a long suggestion list of names from North and South. Everybody had thoughts on what he should be named.

We decided to wait and let him choose a name for himself from our extensive list.

Maggie arrived with a very acceptable doggie name; although for the first few months she was mostly called–Maggie Dammit.

I couldn’t for the life of me remember the name Spud so the initial instinct was to say Maggie. Now, Spud-Maggie-Whoever You Are, probably had an identity crisis!!

Luckily after a few weeks, we noticed a few patterns with him. He thumped his tail on the floor constantly so we thought about Thumper. But to a whole generation that was the name of a rabbit.

When we took him for his first vet appointment, upon opening the car door, he jumped out and made an escape. He also made an escape through the side yard gate that the landscapers left open and was on his way to the next block! He made a third escape through the front gate when Bob was taking out the trash. Fortunately he was easily “retrieved” on all three occasions simply because he seemed to have scared himself with not knowing where to go.

So rechecking the name list, we decided Traveller was an appropriate name. Since he is a Southern dog, we named him after General Robert E. Lee’s most famous horse. Like Lee, we use the double “L” British spelling. Let’s just hope Traveller does not keep traveling on……

Barbara & Bob Gilmore

Owners & Innkeepers

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