Thomas Wolfe, you can go home again……especially if you lived in the O. B. Wright House

Posted by wrightinn_bob on September 13, 2013

In November of 2009, we met two brothers, Larry and David who lived here with their mother on the third floor when they were children and the O.B. Wright House was a boarding house.  They figure the years to be 1947-8.

They remembered that their bedroom was in what is now our Van Winkle Room, mom’s bedroom was the Orr room and the Hampton Room was her sewing room because it had the best light.  She supported the family with her seamstress skills.  The original bathroom (even during the time it was maid’s quarters) was where the Orr bathroom is now.  In the area of the Van Winkle bathroom was their kitchen.  Larry and David remembered the ice box at the top of the stairs.

David lives in California and has not returned.  But since that initial visit, Larry has returned twice more.  The latest time being in August, 2013.  He and his lovely wife of 61 years, Nancy returns with him.   They come to visit friends and some of Nancy’s former classmates and reminiscence about the time they lived here and how much everything has changed.

They were both lovely companions at breakfast every morning and were a font of information on many topics.  Our guests over the five days they were here enjoyed them immensely.

We are proud to maintain this house as a bed and breakfast inn, for those who come back to remember or for those who would love to step back in time while you’re discovering Asheville, NC.

So you can come home again, if only for a short time.

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