The Traveling Schiff Family

Posted by admin on June 4, 2013

The Traveling Schiff Family

Every so often, guests check in that touch our heart; and so the Schiff family, dad, Les, mom, Peggy, son, Andrew and daughter Samantha arrived May 26, 2013.

Originally, they considered booking the Carriage House, but decided they wanted a full breakfast so they booked two rooms in the Inn instead.  We’re happy they did because otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten to know and enjoy them as well and share in their daily experiences.

It was delightful to watch this family with their grown children on their annual vacation interact and truly enjoy each other’s company.

They shared some of their activities like walking the neighborhood, shopping, eating, the day at Biltmore, white water rafting, eating, Brevard’s waterfalls (particularly Sliding Rock), the drum circle downtown on Friday nights, all the friendly, waving people they met everywhere, swimming,  eating, the gorgeous outdoor surroundings and especially entertaining was the lady walking her five dogs and two goats.  Only in Asheville folks!!!!

Barbara and the boys in 1985

Tim, six years old with Barbara holding baby Tom

I do think we identified with the Schiff Family because they reminded us of our family when our sons were young and still at home.  We started traveling about 1985 in the days before mini-vans.  Bob, having managed car dealerships would get a conversion van off the used car lot that had the video game players in them and off we’d set out on our two week excursion.

The Gilmore Family

If you remember conversion vans(this was not ours), and the early video game players, you might also remember the old video cameras.  Every year our video would start out with the phrase, “Well here we are out making memories again.”

So thank you Schiff Family for making us remember how it was in the good ole days!!  I think sometime this week I’ll pull out some of those old tapes and watch the thrilling   days of yesteryear.

If you still have kids at home who are willing to be seen with their parents, I hope you will consider getting out and making some memories of your own.  I know the Gilmore Family has and so are the Schiff’s. These are the times they’ll never forget no matter what other exciting things life brings them.

With children, the days are long, but the years are short.

2 Responses to The Traveling Schiff Family

  1. Peggy says:

    Hi Barbara and Bob,

    Thank you for the nice things you said about us in your blog. We really had a wonderful time.

    I just posted a comment on Trip Advisor (sorry it took awhile, but It’s been busy at work since I returned). However, when I checked for it, I could not find it.

    It’s the first time I have commented on Trip Advisor so perhaps I need to wait a day? Please check, and if you don’t see it, please send me an email. I’m sure I clicked on the submit button (and posted under “family stay”). If for some reason it’s not there, don’t worry, I will send it again. I just don’t want to double up.

    Thank you. Peggy.

  2. Tom Gilmore says:

    Mom & Dad,
    I love this. I made me think of the many great memories I have growing up with our family vacations!
    Your awesome son,

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