The One Armed Inn Keeper Dares to Take Another Trip

Posted by admin on June 21, 2013

The One Armed Inn Keeper

After tearing his rotator cuff and a few other shoulder muscles in Key West in April, we dared to set out on another adventure.  Bob had surgery on May 2nd to repair his shoulder and we set off on May 9th for the Chesapeake Bay.

We’ve stayed at Pretty Byrd Cottage in Harborton, VA for the previous four years and Bob did not want to be the reason for missing year five.  So off we went with me behind the wheel and Bob sitting quietly in the passenger seat with his left arm in a sling.  I say quietly because at any mile of the way, he could have been sitting out on the road side.

During our absence, Shirley our former inn manager, who recently retired and is now our inn sitter when need be, took over the helm.  All of our former guests know Bob is a Type A personality and has to be doing something and was even at the inn the day after surgery.  So I thought it best to get him away from “work” and relax for awhile.

Cathy and Rhet Tignor have a beautiful fairly tale cottage where we go to relax and enjoy the quiet with no cell phones, TV or computers.  After four days, when Bob was ready to jump off the bridge, we moved on just south of Fredericksburg, VA.  I waved to all our former guests who live in the area as I promised to do.

On our way, we stopped in Richmond, VA where we met and had lunch at The Tobacco Co. where we had our first date.

We ventured out to some, shops in Old Towne and ate at favorite restaurants.  A special trip was made to the Dulles Air and Space Museum at the urging of our son, Tom.  We also visited the Marine Corps. Museum and revisited Bob’s memorial brick that I had placed there to honor his Viet Nam service.

As Bob started to get cabin fever, we spent time at Brandy Station, Cedar Creek, Kelly’s Ford, Fredericksburg, and Chancellorsville Battlefields.  We have been involved in battlefield preservation for years and right now the Civil War Trust is working to save part of Brandy Station.  A number of Bob’s ancestors died at Chancellorsville so that is a moving stop on our tours.

We revisited Gary Melcher‘s beautiful home (a Detroit born artist) and did our usual picnic lunch behind Chatham (another historic Civil War site.)

Bob held up well and was happy to be out doing things.  If he tried to do too much, I told him we could go back and rest on the Chesapeake.  He said,  ”that’s for year six!!!!!”


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