The Lilac Lady

Posted by admin on May 10, 2013

or memories of home and childhood

I received an email today from a friend in New York.  He reported that the weather was becoming nice enough to start work in the yard.  He cut the lilac bushes down that had stood there for decades as he hates to mow around things and prefers a clear path.

This got me to thinking about the lilacs which are my absolute favorite flowers.  There were two huge bushes in my grandmother’s yard when I was a child and the bush we had growing behind our house which was right outside my bedroom window that was started from those old lilac bushes.  The smell of those long ago spring days in Michigan came flooding back.

When we lived in Rochester Hills, Michigan, we had a pitiful lilac bush on the property that never produced many blooms.  Our sons, Tim and Tom, knew lilacs were my favorite flower; so on their approximate mile long walk from the bus to home, they would collect lilacs off the neighbor’s much more productive plants.  Gee, don’t tell them it was our kids!!

In the yard of our residence in Asheville, next door to the bed and breakfast,  we have two small lilac bushes that produce a small amount of blooms.  Last year however, we trimmed them way down in preparation for our new butterfly garden.  They’re still very small and produced no blooms this year.

Amazing the doorbell rang this afternoon.  It was a neighbor from down the street who asked if we wanted to buy some lilacs.  I was stunned and without thinking said yes  before I knew the price.  It was a huge pail full but when she told me how much I nearly fell over.  Bob, who just couldn’t let her walk away with my heart crushed in that bucket. offered her a lesser amount and said give me what that will buy.

I have two huge vases full, one upstairs and one down.  The smell in the house is wonderful.

Since I don’t believe in coincidence, I think of these heavenly smelling blossoms as a gift from my grandmother and mother who are now gone and from our sons as an early Mother’s Day gift.

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