Our Favorite Asheville Bed and Breakfast is The Wright Inn and Carriage House

Posted by admin on November 2, 2009

The 1899 Wright Inn and Carriage House is very lucky to have a high percentage of loyal, repeat guests. So when I thought about this, I was determined to get the reasons from the next “returns” through our door.

It happened to be Carol and Tony from Louisville, KY who come to spend another few days with us.

They make frequent trips to Asheville because they love the area, the diversity of the people and the limitless things to do here. The scenery and mountains attract them.

Like many people, they found our website and like the look of the inn and the pricing. Tony and Carol find the inn beautiful, warm and inviting, love the decor and our attention to detail. Carol especially like finding her big “staff” mug waiting every morning.

They have stayed in four different rooms and we tease them about sleeping around. So far they have decided they like the Bosse-Bryan room best because it is cozy, bright and cheerful.

They are B&B folks and have run the gamut of being badgered by innkeepers or the opposite experience of “here’s your room, here’s your key.” They feel we are friendly and helpful enough but also know when to bow out and leave them alone.

They look forward to our breakfast every morning and enjoy visiting with the wonderful people this inn attracts.

Tony and Carol will be back in April and we look forward to greeting them like the growing family they’ve become.

Barbara, Bob and “Maggie” Gilmore
Owners & Innkeepers

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