Maggie’s Spa Day at her Asheville Bed and Breakfast Inn

Posted by admin on October 3, 2009

Hi Folks!!

I figured you’d be missing me so I thought I’d drop y’all a note so you know what I’ve been up to.

Ever since dad told me that because of me someone booked a room at my Asheville Bed and Breakfast home, (The 1899 Wright Inn and Carriage House) and somebody else asked to meet me last week, I figured I better start keeping up with my personal grooming for guest appearances.

So mom and dad took me to my spa in Hendersonville. We go all the way out there because Mattie at VIP (Very Important Pets) does the best job on me. Mattie….isn’t that cute? Mattie grooms Maggie. They left me there for my bubble bath, trim, pedicure and new scarf. I got a Halloween scarf this time that I love. Only trouble is, Mattie puts it over my dark green collar which looks so good with my beautiful, soft, smooth, dark golden coat.

My parents visited the antique stores in town and had lunch at Mean Mr. Mustard’s Cafe and really liked it. Sometime, I think they enjoy some private time away from me. I don’t understand it.

I don’t like having to wait for them in the cage, so when Mattie calls, they come right away. They certainly were impressed with how good I smelled and loved my orange and black scarf too.

I’m getting much better about riding in the car. Most of the time now, I lie down in the back seat. Before, I used to stand up and look out all the time and tell dad how to drive and where to go, but mom says that’s her job. So I’ve backed off and left that to her.

I’m pretty possessive of my scarf. When it’s time to wash it, I keep following mom around asking if it’s out of the dryer yet. I tell you, a girl doesn’t feel properly dressed without it.

I’m having mom type this note for me because I don’t want to mess up my nails. I’m trying to stay nice and clean until you get here but it’s tough because you see, I’m a tom-boy. I’m the third Golden my parents have had. Mom says the other two must have been hers because they were ladies. I’m dad’s dog because I sometimes forget my manners when I’m playing or I meet new people and sometimes after being in the yard, I’m a real mess!!!

But whether I’m just out of the spa or not, I’m waiting with lots of love for my adoring public.

Barbara & Bob Gilmore
Owners & Innkeepers

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