Guest Relations at my Asheville Bed and Breakfast, The 1899 Wright Inn and Carriage House

Posted by admin on October 20, 2009


I was waiting in the residence quietly snoozing, waiting for daddy to return from serving breakfast at the Inn. The door suddenly opened well before the time I expected him back.

But it was Daddy. He said, “Maggie, get your little Halloween scarf (I call it my little dress) straightened up, smooth down your eyebrows and come to the Inn! Your public awaits!!” I was so excited I kept falling over my own paws getting there.

It seems that during breakfast, guests, Sharon and Jessica from Tyrone, GA and Sharon and Steve from Orlando, FL each discovered that one of the many reasons they booked The 1899 Wright Inn was ME….Maggie! And they wanted to meet the star of the show, the head innkeeper, the leader of the pack.

They all came out on the front porch and there I was. I tried to contain my excitement and tried to remember my manners and be on my best behavior. Dad was getting really proud of me when Sharon stooped down to love on me, speaking to me in that soft voice that all dog lovers use to converse with animals and babies. Unfortunately, she’s so little and I’m so big, I knocked her off balance. Lucky for me everybody was laughing.

Dad got the camera but by that time, Sharon and Jessica were gone. But here are some photos of me with my new best friends, Sharon and Steve.

Now I can tell mom and dad I’m doing my share to bring guest to my beautiful Asheville home and earning my keep.

Barbara & Bob Gilmore
Owners & Innkeepers

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