Gilbert Family Reunion

Posted by wrightinn_bob on January 31, 2014

One of the best aspects of owning the 1899 Wright Inn Bed and Breakfast has to be the people who come to stay with us.  I’ve always thought bed and breakfast travelers were a more sociable and a more sophisticated group of folks than those who check into hotels/motels.

Here at the Wright Inn, we are honored to have many return guests and those who send their family and friends to us.  The weekend of January 17-19 is a fine example.  Ron and Tricia returned and brought four friends along with them.  Justin and Ching-Yu were back for another visit as were Sarah and Rob.

It is always great to catch-up with those we’ve gotten to know.

Then there’s the Gilbert Family who were here on January 3-4th.  We sure hope all these folks will be return guests.  I think they have a great tradition.  They each spend December 24-5th with their immediate family.  Then they have a get together of the entire family in January.

This time to accommodate both sides of the family, Daniel decided to have the festivities here at the Inn.  They organized a pot-luck dinner on Saturday night, someone also brought in a key board so that Christmas carols could ring through the house.

 The house was filled with laughter, talk and many smiles; I’m sure Mrs. Wright was happy.

Through the years, we’ve had many groups stay with us at the 1899 Wright Inn. One thing they’ve all had in common was having a good time while they visited Asheville.  There have been business, church and travel groups besides wedding and reunion groups.

Daniel’s family were all pleasant, easy-going, non-demanding and one of the easiest groups to take care of we’ve ever had.  We appreciated and enjoyed them.  I would also like to share some of Daniel’s photos on our blog.

 If you’re looking for a place to gather with your group, consider our Inn for your activities.

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