Blue Ridge Parkway Weather Station

Posted by wrightinn_bob on December 20, 2013

Having taught thirty years in Michigan and having relatively few school closings during the dreaded winters, I was at first, amazed when schools in Asheville would be closed without a snowflake in sight.  The obvious answer was that roads at the higher elevations were snowed or iced covered.

So, I, especially understand how visitors complain when they see a “parkway closed for winter weather” sign on a warm, sunny day.  They can’t see the snow and ice a few miles on down the road.

As of November 1, 2013, there is a new weather site launched by the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation (the nonprofit for the parkway), Appalachian State University and have partnered to launch specialized weather websites: and to keep check on the conditions along its 469 miles of roadway.  These sites include forecasts, live conditions and webcam images and video, radar and satellite imagery and climate information.

Weather along this road is a significant issue for visitor safety and enjoyment.  These new tools help to know when weather is getting bad on a particular ridge and they can close the parkway in a proactive manner.  The National Park Service will use the webcams and information to be more alert to changing weather and adverse road conditions.

The site is map based and user friendly and the best part is that there is no user fee.  A portion of the proceeds of online advertising goes to the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation.


So you can log in and put in your info on activities you like (driving, hiking) set the map zoom level to the part of the parkway that interests you most, zoom in and get current conditions and see the webcam images!!!

Since weather can change from one ridge to another, you’ll personally be able to see why the “parkway is closed for winter weather.”

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