Air Bed Ladies having a Blast

Posted by admin on February 26, 2013

During our 9+ years of owning this beautiful Asheville Bed and Breakfast Inn , we’ve had many entertaining/interesting social gatherings over a glass of wine in the parlors.  Our guests are from varied backgrounds and many seem to be gregarious by nature.  There are interesting conversations with people who gather here from all over the country with a few world travelers thrown in. After a long day of being a tourist in and around Asheville many like to relax and unwind, others head upstairs for a quick nap before dinner. 

Some time only a few folks attend, sometime Bob and I are sitting here looking at one another, but this past weekend, a number of people filled the parlors to drink, snack, relax and enjoy.

To add to the atmosphere of the merriment, were our guests Nichole and Sandra who had just purchased an air bed and needed to test it out to make sure there were no problems with it before they headed home.  Since it had been raining out that afternoon, testing it outside was out of the question.  So instead, they opened it and tested it out in the front parlor to the enjoyment of all of us.

Everything seemed to be in find working order and we may have found a way to add room number eleven to the inn……photo attached!!!

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