10 Ways to get around Asheville

Posted by wrightinn_bob on October 11, 2013

Reading the Asheville Scene from the Citizen Times paper, I learned that there are actually TEN WAYS TO SEE ASHEVILLE.

The newest is the “Amazing Pub-cycle” which is a rolling downtown bar that helps promote the city’s reputation as Beer City USA. “The experience of pedaling a bar down the street while hanging out with your friends and pedaling sideways as someone else drives is definitely part of the fun“, Shawn Verbrugghe (owner) says.  It roars down the streets at a whopping 3 MPH, but goes slightly faster downhill with music blaring, energizing folks on the ten seats.  As the pub-cycle does not serve alcohol, riders are allowed to bring their own beer and wine.  Besides the drinking without driving experience, you’ll love all the gawkers, waving and cheering you on!!!  $23 for two hours

Pedi cabs and bikes arrived in July via Asheville Bike Taxi. Jessie Lehmann, owner of the company, can deliver up to three people around town in quick fashion.  There is an electric motor to help power up some of downtown’s brutal hills.  Service costs $5 for 1-2 people for a five minute ride.  Tours are $30 for 30 minutes or $60 for an hour.

Electro bike tours:  The tours cover an eight mile loop on pedal assisted bicycles that made an easy rider for any level of rider.  For $5 you get a helmet, bottle of water, electric bike and a guided tour.

New walking tour: travelling Yogini.   90 minute tours include history, architecture and facts combined with 15 minutes of yoga stops.  $20

Ghost Hunters of Asheville’s Grapes and Ghosts.  This is a Sunday night trip to downtown Asheville’s haunted wine bars.  You get ghost hunting equipment like dowsing rods and electromagnetic field detectors and your price includes wine at each bar.  2 ½ hours for $65

Asheville running tours:  Runs started as a 5K Beer Run through downtown and the River Arts District with stops at breweries.  Runners carry a plastic mug in hand for samples along the way.  Running tours are $20-30,   Beer runs are $30 and Wine Waddle is $45.

Asheville Historic Trolley (white trolley line): Narrated 90 minute tour that hits major points of interest.  $19

Asheville Trolley Tours (Gray Line) 90-105 minute narrated tours that highlight the city’s art and architecture.  The red trolley may be boarded at the front of the 1899 Wright Inn and Carriage, a convenient way to see Asheville and surrounding area without worrying about parking.  $21 for a two day pass.

Asheville Horse and Carriage Tours  for an intimate look at downtown.  Carriage seats up to four people.  Great way to celebrate special events.  Tour based at Pritchard Park.  $20 per adult for a 20 minute tour.

Segway….Moving Sidewalk Tours. Getting the hang of riding a Segway usually takes from 10-40 minutes and then you’re off on a 2 ½ hour tour for $55 weekday and $65 weekends.

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